metropolitan cctv security cameras

Metropolitan Safety Systems Ltd is the leading managed services provider delivering value-added security solutions for M2M/IoT remote asset tracking & video surveillance applications across Nigeria.

At Metropolitan, we provide the most impenetrable of cutting-edge security and defence solutions to individuals, corporate entities, and governments. We share our clients’ security concerns and offer a unique range of end-to-end security, safety and surveillance solutions to calm that fear.

Our Services

Metropolitan surveillance and security systems

Metropolitan Surveillance

Threats to the safety of citizens come from within and outside.  We offer remote asset tracking, CCTV video surveillance and hybrid cloud video management solutions with robust analytics capability to help evaluate threats and respond rapidly.

Metropolitan modern technological tools to simplify combat operations

Metropolitan Defence

Metropolitan Safety Systems Ltd. bridges communication network gaps to simplify combat operations, emergency rescue, and safeguard lives. We offer solutions for missions on;

Metropolitan military-grade IT systems

Cyber & IT

We help you explore vulnerabilities in your systems, providing the latest military-grade IT systems, fortified against attacks, and unauthorized access.

Metropolitan Intelligence Service


Our broad range of intelligence tools helps you stay ahead in information gathering, and analysis providing the needed advantage in decision-making.

Metropolitan Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

From surveillance systems to communication interception systems and even facial recognition systems are provided at metropolitan, we give you the full arsenal to deter crime and enforce law and order.

Metropolitan communication and intelligence systems to defend your networks and enterprise setups

Special Operations Command

We install and integrate special operation command centres equipped with state-of-the-art communication and intelligence systems to defend your networks and enterprise setups. We give you tools to mitigate risks and threats to sensitive data.

About Us

metropolitan cctv security cameras

Metropolitan Safety Systems Ltd. is a surveillance and system integration company that has been at  the heart of the defence industry in Africa, linking governments and clients to manufacturers of top-notch equipment.  We offer solutions in defence, law enforcement, homeland security , cyber security and unified communication with presence in several cities accross Nigeria. We follow security trends meticulously, specializing in state of the art  technology, bringing them to you as they evolve.

We analyze threats, recommend the best defense, and then build an optimized solution package to fit your budget. At Metropolitan, we do not just sell solutions but provide a specific plan of action, maintain and review ongoing needs.

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