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Jammer System by Metropolitan. John is the leader of unit 15, tasked to finding Jamal, the leader of a terrorist unit in Northern Borno State in Africa.  If they go on the offensive, they would be outnumbered
Hence of capturing Jamal alive becomes very low.

They prepare an approach and strategy; quick entry and exit, silent shots, and a clean getaway, However their is a team of 7 men sneak into the hills surrounding the compound . They mark their target, and slowly go in. Reinforcements for the terrorist group are a few meters away. A site already marked by the air force for aerial assault right after this mission’s completion.

John’s team take the first strike as they begin their assault. Something goes wrong as the enemy fires a loud weapon. The men of Unit 15 quickly take down 4 in the compound, and 6 in the building, finding Jamal and quickly calling for evacuation however.

Reinforcements for the terrorists never came. Unit 15 escape the compound safely with the high value target bagged and shipped.

Even though this story might be fictional, it illustrates a dangerous situation where jamming communication could be the life-saving factor in a combat operation and this is why we introduce the Metropolitan Jammer System.

Metropolitan Safety System has the know-how and experience to provide any jammer/anti jammer solution needed in order to deal with your specific challenges.

However we will provide combat tested and proven, modular wireless communication jammers upon request and after understanding your needs.

Our solutions covers mobile, vehicle (VIP, armored transportation) and fixed installation needs. We can supply jammers/anti jammers with multiple transmission frequency bands and high transmission power.

Hold on to the advantage, always.

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