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There is always more than meets the eye…Keeping watch round the clock can be a daunting task in sensitive sites prone to attack. Low-light scenarios, human fatigue, and the mirages created by similar colors could make conventional cameras ineffective. Night Vision cameras also provides limitation because if the simple as an overgrown bush can provide a blind spot.

About Kaptor Surveillance Cameras

In surveillance, the unseen is something very serious, and this is the reason we are introducing to you, Kaptor Surveillance Cameras, they have thermal
active-imaging technologies to ensure that darkness, fog, and

Kaptor thermal cameras reduces the eventually of false alarms. A quick look at the image from the camera and you can be sure if that strange sound you just heard is really the wind. It might be a intruder trying to get in

The Kaptor Surveillance Cameras advanced dual channel long range PTZ surveillance system provides long performance and can be configured with IP video and control, fire detection algorithms, or integrated with a pan/tilt unit.

Kaptor cameras also come in hand-held versions for law enforcement, search and rescue teams, security personnel and more.

Kaptor Surveillance Camera by Metropolitan
Metropolitan Long Range Kaptor Surveillance Cameras

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